This article is just a dumping ground of YML trivia; rather than a coherent 1000 words.

  • In Symfony3, in the services.yml you may have the following keys (exclusive set): “alias”, “parent”, “class”, “shared”, “synthetic”, “lazy”, “public”, “abstract”, “deprecated”, “factory”, “file”, “arguments”, “properties”, “configurator”, “calls”, “tags”, “decorates”, “decoration_inner_name”, “decoration_priority”, “autowire”, “autowiring_types”
  • Ensure your IDE reports tabs as error in any YML files. The Symfony YML parser doesn't actually care how many spaces you use to do the semantic indent, as long as its consistent per file.
  • To state clearer than many tutorials, put random values in parameters.yml, and the 'first level index' key must be “parameters”.

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