On my personal github repo, there are 11 projects (one of which is an aggregate); and source for three test frameworks in three different languages and four test templates/ libraries; on my website there are loads of articles for test technologies. Why all this attention on testing?


  • I mostly work in startups, there isn't enough daytime budget to do “nice to have” items; have to MoveFastAndBreakStuff (not affiliate link);
  • I do use tools built by someone else where possible, as its cheaper; these are the ones I can't find (or last version isn't maintained);
  • Most people do not think test tech as being a trade secret or high value IP; so they see no conflict of interest with it slopping around between projects;
  • Test infra/automation is mostly immune to fashion; so if I make a tool now, it will still be useful in 5Y time;
  • I like being able to deliver a fairly high level of test coverage at a low cost. Managing the toolchain is required, and writing it helps a large margin (referencing the tweaks to phpunit-skelgen).
  • Some of my test solutions are really creative, er, solutions.