This feature hasn't been written yet, please hold (whatever you do will land here).

Due to separation of content and presentation, this is simple to organise.


  1. This plan is written in technology English.
  2. Nothing will be implemented until format2 is created, and sub-page output.
  3. The link in the menu, AJAXs a select of languages you may wish to translate into, as a floating div.
  4. On selection of a language, there is a page refresh via google translation services, in the new language.
  5. Implementation needs to await document format v2, or I have no framework to inject the DHTML with.
  6. # Update June 2013: format 2 is deployed. Nov 2013, I am talking with people about professional translation.


  1. Being Customer centric. Actual usecase, nil.
  2. Does demonstrate the usefulness of the framework
  3. In-obtrusive additional usability feature, allowing wider audience. Invisible machinery. Short of professional translation, which is somewhat outside of budget; this demonstrates a reasonable compromise;

Expected costs:

After format2

  1. In English create list of languages & flags - 2hour
  2. Create DHTML float - 3 or 4hours ~ its the styling that eats time
  3. Create response handler (language & page) - 2hours
  4. test boundaries - 4hours
  5. small screen testing

These are generous. I rarely get a day to code without things happening.