If you need someone who:

  1. has experience in dealing with wide role/ responsibilities and activities, due to small numbers of employees and flexible attitude;
  2. is adaptive and quick to quickly pick up new systems;
  3. has good levels of “grip”, in that they create solutions, whatever the problem or situation;
  4. has experience in Teir 1 IT systems, has written high performance software, with continuous availability/uptime;
  5. has experience organising and managing release of systems across heterogeneous platforms;
  6. managed first release, QA and continuous expansion through task tracking tools (flyspray, kanban, ms-project, JIRA, bugtrack);
  7. has used Agile process in an agency environment;
  8. uses lots of test infrastructure;
  9. is good at structuring information, and to be able to present concise and relevant summaries;
  10. structures work for incremental release so clients get something now and something good soon;
  11. has “learn or die” as a motto;
  12. has strong academic background with two degrees, focused on networked software;
  13. good at librarianship, infact this entire site reflects this;
  14. has spent years on minimal leadership, performing project management, testing and updates;
  15. organised specifications, discussing and adapting with suppliers (when we seemed to be their first client for a channel);
  16. has several years experience in XML or SOAP B2B integration;
  17. has written BIS reports from operating and high use dB;
  18. has managed and optimised continuous read/write accounting tables;
  19. manages source, with full use of branches for parallel team development, via SVN or GIT;
  20. uses bash and Linux on a daily basis;
  21. spent about four years attempting to push “team” into “teamwork”;
  22. has built several JS “platform agnostication libraries”, has built several CMS, has built several document storage, meta data and presentation libraries;
  23. utilises HTML as an output language; considers JS to be “just another higher level language”, and uses it regularly;
  24. has experience in managing code bundles as either JAR files or RPMs. Later builds on iceline will deploy to DEB format;
  25. experienced in DTP content management (heterogeneous colour pallets);
  26. has experience in creating graceful degradation on information systems;
  27. for a systems developer is good at composition and layout as I am also an artist;
  28. professional use of social media;
  29. has integrated with payment systems;
  30. has implemented a large amount of XML B2B? communications;
  31. is practiced in content management;
  32. uses utf-8 natively, and is experienced in internationalised interfaces;
  33. experienced in subpage formats (i.e. AJAX)

talk with me

as I am a good person to interview.

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