Data Dump

This is a brain dump article, only interesting if you need to know what is available by default..

Symfony uses monolog 1 for logging. Monolog is configured as a pipeline 2 3 (see sample1), and ships with a large ~ 40 ~ range of options 4. The last link details what options may be used to configure these, I am not importing this content, so when it changes, my docs are still correct. Also this obeys SRP.
In most cases I don't want multiple log files, as I think if you need that you should be writing to a DB; however mongolog does support this feature 5 (just like syslog() clones do).

Appendix 1: Default Symfony logging config

# app/config/config.yml
            type: fingers_crossed
            # if *one* log is error or higher, pass *all* to file_log
            action_level: error
            handler: file_log

        # now passed *all* logs, but only if one log is error or higher
            type: stream
            path: "%kernel.logs_dir%/%kernel.environment%.log"

        # still passed *all* logs, and still only logs error or higher
            type: syslog
            level: error