SF2 Demo is an MVC demo, not a UI demo

This code is too old for people to want it as a demo.

This is a “few hour demo” for one of the employers I am talking with. I will ask if I may publish the spec. The source is available as a compressed bundle. Further reading on Symfony will be published symfony2-overview as it is written.
I used the Symfony framework as I had this installed. I can also build this as Zend, and will do shortly.
This code has no real purpose, so I won't upload it to any code repo.

What is this?

As I have been told not to add libraries or use alot of styling/ JS effects, the front end is very simple. I think this is to show my skills, rather than my ability to use a search engine to find third party code. What is this (a technical list) :

  • White label branding at the moment...
  • An entity, for the form
  • A Controller, acting as glue code, and as HTML rasteriser
  • A service, to implement communication with the mail server and youtube
  • Linked 3rd-party libraries
  • Twig encoded HTML5 templates
  • A small amount of CSS (so the page was readable)
  • A couple of unit tests
  • A htaccess to make the URLs easier to type

What does this demonstrate?

  • Use of MVC concepts.
  • Code integration.
  • Use of Symfony2 framework.
  • Use of HTML5 and PHP5.
  • Use of PHPunit.
  • Basic use of Apache tech tree.
  • Basic use of CSS.

A competency test really.

What would I ~ the author ~ improve?

  • A choice on the youtube channel you are watching.
  • A trick to get the size of the video screen.
  • Context of a bigger site, so this is more useful. At present there is no benefit to using this, rather than going to youtube directly.
  • A style guide that you want this to comply to (part of the previous point really).
  • When I am doing “service integration”, I normally create test cases for the full vendor API first, so it is quickly possible to determine location of faults (which side of the demarcation line).
  • Youtube will probably become an attached library in the next edition of my CMS. Although not via the library I'm using at present, as its not written to PSR-0 or higher.
  • Figure out a means to invert the control for dependences properly for controllers ~ Controller as a Service.
  • Finish the tests.
  • Have real details in the SMTP config, but I don't want to be a spam relay. On my local install, I sent myself some messages.

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