Serverless the product is 90% hot air, and another devops thing. Concurrently, Serverless is the [awkward] name of an architecture; but this article is about the product from AWS. The architecture is the natural response to business people saying “I want one guy that can do graphic design, UX analysis, front end component development, API development, test infrastructure, long-lifespan product design, database design and infrastructure, reporting, scalablity engineering, short life-span marketing-hype nano-sites, internationalisation, mid-life cycle support, and devops to deploy everything”; there are only so many hours in the day. My analysis is repeated by 1 2 [XXX]. A fudge to avoid work volume is that “the one guy” is an entire dev agency, but then the fees go up; which is what the business person wanted to avoid to start with. As a review of Serverless as an architecture 3.
There are a variety of “middleware or framework as a service” platforms, as listed 4 5. To focus on AWS lambda, the business value it delivers can be summarised as “less work for developers” 6, and the incredibly precise billing, leading to lower average costs. Lambda marketing is targeting business features that are not executed very often; but may have spikey loads. The spikey-ness means that the feature need a relatively large volume/scale facility if allocated statically, which is normally more expensive; but as it is not run very often this is idle and wasted for most of the time. The Lambda is to be used with the AWS database tools, either plain RDS or Aurora (effectively v2 of RDS); a competitor offers a factual analysis 7.
In 8, Serverless is described in a more useful fashion as a framework; and includes reference configuration. In order to develop a Serverless project faster; someone has made a “no-server serverless” version (i.e. just your laptop); 9. Like many toolkits, here is a CLI interface 10, although this one looks more like a shell, rather than a thing that can be managed in make, npm or similar tooling. I think 11 would be more useful for integrating into other tools. Both these links includes the simple install process at the top; so I won't mention it. The service is documented 12 13.
Lambda is normally used with Serverless (although these are different things); Lambda is documented 14, under the name Serverless, as marketing is [intentionally] confused. Lambda as would expected in a computation SaaS, has management features for RAM limits 15, a custom build process 16, plugins 17, gateway triggers 18. In obvious fashion, there instructions on how to link to other AWs services 19.
For some one who is practiced with Serverless/ Lambda; it seems to be fairly fast platform to deploy to.

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