Business context

I rebuilt an integration to a generic ERP. The existing implementation was done in a rush, contained flaws, and lacked scalability for later work. The integration updated local storage with current stock, product and retailer data; and pushed orders in the reverse direction.
I was hired at the same time as a batch of contractors, as they are establishing a new version of their primary platform. The doubled their perm staff at the same point.

Discussion on Technology

The current third party API is called Netservices. They run very generic and flexible middleware, based on SOAP. There are performance issues on their services.
I rebuilt the local classes to PSR1 standard, adding namespaces, and fixing a few omitted features. I added some logging, and improved the CLI interface. I added some test cases. I did some performance tweaks on the DB integration. Due to the duration on this contract, it seems stupid to list operating environment, which I do else where.

Although not being primary activity, my employer took my notes for managing a new dev team. They are deploying tech management services for the new staff (e.g. a PM platform).

The work was allow one aspect of the business to remain unaltered, whilst they replace their architecture. They may hire me again in future. This role used an entirely different set of acronyms to the previous ones. This role is shorter than average, I suspect I was hired as I was eager in the interview.

This is a backend project with no public interface.