This is a warp speed intro, similar to the start of many of my articles. SaaS isn't really a new or exciting topic; but it seemed to be trending on alot of job-specs. It is short for Software as a Service 1 2 and is an instance of X-aaS 3. Forbes 4 say that salesforce is the most popular SaaS. Commercial use of SaaS architecture is discussed in 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ~ NB these links all have the same content.

This article is different to most articles about SaaS, as I describe why to sell a SaaS product, not why to buy one.

Business benefits of SaaS as a vendor

  • It is much easier/cheaper/faster/reliable to scale your customer population, and hopefully your profits. This happens because it is easy to manage the centrally controlled asset. At no point in your delivery do you need to wait for bits of paper or DVDs to physically move. You don't need to wait for a deployment window on the clients systems.
  • As everything is centralised, it is easier adapt to current situations in an Agile fashion.
  • A small rental fee for things the client actively wants is an easier sale; than bulky combined packages.
  • Able to revoke users if needed.
  • Easer to define and support SLA.

Developer benefits to SaaS

  • Able to do A/B testing
  • Able to quickly deploy improvements or fix bugs
  • Consumer feedback mechanisms are better integrated, and better managed
  • Less dependant on consumers machines
  • It is simple to manage professional data backup and recovery systems, rather than expect a consumer to do it. Example: I am a developer, my personal data backup is not a well managed service

Q: As a developer, have I built SaaS?
A: yes of course. A this long list isn't that interesting, or useful.