This article is one of the few things that should be prefixed with “my”, like I am a North American. These actually are “my books”. I don't think this list is very interesting, but I thought I had to publish what I was doing instead of lectures (yes this whole thing does feel like a BTEC, but anyone can say “they do professional development” at interviews, with little supporting evidence).

Some of these books are a “book about use of X”, where I have never used X personally. Our dev-team was thinking X tool may be useful, so one of us gets the book, and stuff online and finds out how use and abuse X.

My time for book reading is mostly my 40min morning commute to the office and my 40min commute back. I think books are generally written better than blogs, for understanding a process or system, rather than listing a procedure. If I read less economics I would have done more text books.

Recent reading

  • E. A. Meyer, E. Weyl [2017-11] “CSS ~ the definitive guide 4th ed” O'Reilly ~ This is too large to carry with you, or through airports etc. Not completed this. I have completely read 2 of the 3 previous editions.
  • M. Casciaro, L. Mammino [2016-07] "NodeJS Design Patterns”, Packt ~ I bought this to see if there is a big difference between JS and Java or PHP design patterns. There isn't, aside from a few details on pointers/ references and global scope.
  • M. Hodges-Schell, J O'Brien [2015] “Communicating the UX Vision”, Morgan Kaufman
  • L. Kay [2017] “Researching UX: analytics”, sitepoint
  • K. Owen [2016] “the future UI/UX from the ground up” ESD cloud media ~ this is a paper copy of someones blog. I dislike this publication format, as the text density was too low, and they should have removed all the “pullout quotes”, as no one will pull out from a paper media.
  • D. Olsen [2015] “the Lean Product playbook”, Wiley ~ this book needs 50% of the words removed, IMO, in an intelligent fashion,
  • Cooper, Reimanin, Cronin, Hoessel [2014] “About face, the essentials of interaction design” 4th ed, Wiley
  • R. Hartson, P. S. Pyla [2012] “The UX book” Morgan Kaufman
  • J. Kalbach [2009] “Mapping Experiences: A Guide to Creating Value through Journeys Blueprints and Diagrams (Paperback)", O'Reilly, book written by a professional communicator
  • O. Filipova [2016] “Learning Vue.js 2”, Packt
  • B. Labay, M. Sidoff, P Laja, A. Birket [2016-12] “Conversion focused UX guidelines for ecommerce” ConversionXL. ~ This is very UX, good for commercial practice.
  • S. Krug [2006] “Dont make me think” 2nd ed, New riders, digital
  • D. Eadline [2015-10] “Hadoop 2 quick start guide”, Addison Wesley ~ digital
  • D. Eadline, O. Mandelvich, C. Stella [2016-12] “Practical Data science with hadoop and spark”, Addison Wesley ~ digital
  • T. Butler [2017-08] “Nginx cookbook”, Packt
  • A. Bhargava, [2013-11] “Designing and implementing Test automation frameworks with QTP”, Packt ~ I am reading this as notes on design of tools are quite rare. QTP is a VB DSL, but I have no interest in notes on MSIE circa 2011-2012 when the guy was writing this.
  • J. Diakun, R. Johnson, D. Mock [2016-06] “Splunk operational intelligence cookbook, second edition” ~ this is Splunk 6.3, we are using 7.1
  • Sigman B. P. Degado E. [2016-09] “Splunk essentials 2nd Ed”, Packt
  • Mezzalira L. [2018-01] “Front-End Reactive Architectures: Explore the Future of Front end using Reactive Javascript Frameworks and Libraries”, Apress ~ quite strong with architecture/ design patterns
  • Burrows M. [2014] “Kanban from the inside”, Blue hole press ~ the current CTO bought some Kanban training, and a list of books. This was one of them.
  • Filipova O. [2017] “Vue.js 2 and bootstrap 4 web development”, Packt
  • Jakobus B., Marah J., Moreto S., Lambert M. [2017-07] “Bootstrap 4 responsive web design” Packt
  • Jakobus B. Marah J. [2018-02] “Mastering bootstrap 4”, Packt
  • Freeman, A. [2018-09] “Pro Vue.js 2” Apress ~ Book walked through a list of common design patterns and implemented them. Author is clearly experienced in managing large texts.
  • Dorard L. [2014-08] “Bootstrapping Machine Learning: The first guide to Prediction APIs” CreateSpace? Independent Publishing Platform. ~ This is business analysis of ML, and not very technical. A good first book. My current boss gave it too me, which maybe why its from 2014.
  • Shenoy, A. [2016-01] “Introducing Zurb Foundation 6”, Apress ~ Book felt at a higher level than the bootstrap ones
  • Agrawal A., Gans J., Goldfarb A. [2018] “Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence”, Harvard Business Review Press ~ I thought this was better than the above ML recipe book. Maybe I am closer to the target audience.
  • Halliday P. [2018-03] “Vue.js 2 Design Patterns and Best Practices” Packt ~ Best book specifically on Vue that I have read yet.
  • Hanington B., Martin B. [??] “Universal methods of design” Rockport ~ although this talks about design, its much more focused on UX, IMO. I can't find a publication date.

At points I have been AI journal papers from Nature, but these aren't a focus for me.
I have read three books on bootstrap this year, so I am 'more balanced' in tool awareness. For new projects that I am leading, I still prefer Foundation, as it has better abstraction.