I'm not enthusiastic about alot of the content on this site; but its professionally useful (for comparison, no-one expects accountants to be excited about their work, just very competent; I claim the hardworking and competent aspects).
This is transcription from my phone.

@Mheap, @nexmodev
FB gatekeeper, library for feature flags

That @CiaranMcNulty? thing. Bdd again
Ref Liz Keogh/@lunivore. Userstories again.
20% sales tax example.
Listing exception cases, and all the side effects see also Liz.

Lendable, compete with Zoopla.
Neural net, 400 dp.
@samburnsuk useful data...
Autowiring , compiler passes, service tagging, action injection, private services
Point 1: Sf4 1/2 wiring example.
Point 2: errors first. Check-definition-valid-it-pass.
Point 4: make controllers better
Point 3: events.
Point 5: are used by the system exclusively. But still why?

With thingies. Sf firewalls.
Rbac works well in fairly static and fairly simple situations
Acl is next scale, includes target object in addition. Symfony acl is db backed && not mainline anymore.
Next voting the voting based thing that we are mostly using
Last big complex expression xacml, more things that does file permission. Too complex
See obligations Adam elsodaney @archfizz

PHP meet up again @daveliddament
Cost of bug graph - slide
Appropriateness of expensive tools
Psalm by Matt brown
Evolvability defect
Typing speed vs typing support
Ide refactoring support
Phan phpstan
additional docblock for those tools
Try adaptors to bring 3rd party to your standards
Add extra rules for code niceness?
Grum php

Twitter handles: @Tague @cailliaup @antirez
That was redis, skillnode got there very early. Its a remotely accessible in-memory DB, its written in C++. It can be accessed like a REST API. Newer versions have persistence to disk. Current range of drivers link to many languages 1. It has support for aggregates, in new versions 2, but also you can do some serverside scripting in Lua 3 4, BUT NOTE THIS BLOCKS THE SERVER
Also a bdd meet up in skillsnode
Need more time to plan these things

Accessibility ♿ 28/03 #a11ylondon
Guidelines may want to read
a11y on games has reach of 100*10^9.
Colour palette merge tool

No verbal and no motor, what do you do? Games..

Complex input device. I guess for ps4
Personalisation is accessibility
Case study: xbox:: zoom, narrator, monotoggle accoustic, isreal time, multicontroller input,

Switch: greyscale,

A11y tools er see Google
Global game a11y day
Ea sports.. Have a a11ylead, first in industry
21c comms and broadcast end of 2017
Eu a11y act will be landing soon
Overwatch && doc it
Situational impairments, temporary impairments

Oxo good grip range
Blind guy has a hard childhood
Acram phone app, signposting location
Guidance paving
Inclusive design is better design. Universal design