Second actual WP site ever done

I don't recommend the technology, but this is exactly what the client needs.
I moved a site from Umbraco to WP, preserving all images JS and CSS without change. The original site had reasonable SEO and RWD, so things that I might sell had already been sold to the owner. The only reason for this change is inter-corporation politics between organisations.

The site is hosted on a GC box, and is using standard technology. I didn't want to touch tarballs (I am professional), but have a composer package, backed by GIT. This is abit atypical for many WP installs in that I don't support FTP, and the site has its own DB. I hacked the installed scripts to avoid stupid barriers for WP prefix, I am tempted to push upstream a define “PHP_PROFESSIONAL” that makes that annoying barrier optional.

Building this made look at the economics of site hosting. My personal site is much cheaper, but there are some hobbles on what I can do efficiently. This project is budget GC box, as the client didn't say they had much traffic. But it is alot more expensive than my site. On the other hand, the GC boxes are much cheaper than an equivalent rented server.

Biggest time spend that I forget to put in my initial quote was writing a summary doc for the admin/ owners.