whut?, how? why?

  1. Write
  2. If this needs a platform update write testcase for change
  3. Impl this
  4. Run testcase
  5. Rewrite text
  6. Spell check text
  7. Test resource on local host
  8. Add references
  9. Review after a day & focus text
  10. Remove/collapse duplicate text
  11. Update links in adjacent resources
  12. Add to local svn
  13. Upload to FTP server
  14. Tag in twitter channel
  15. Upload/ mention in relevant places
  16. If there are platform changes, add to git (there is a dup here as I had SVN running on my workstation way before I added anything to the public GIT).

What do I put in articles?

There is some overlap of text here with the article on English. In terms of content rather than English, I am trying to put enough content in here, that you want to read it; leveraged against not being too long and being short enough that I have time to write and edit each article.
It may be academic snobbery, but I never wish to post a list of screen shots, as that is poor use of technology. I will supply source not screen-shots where it is appropriate.