One is supposed to look at new technology, tools and approaches. As I now live/work in London, this is much easier. I try to have a wide range of technology, so one gains perspective better.
This resource is for 2018, my other entries are listed in professional-development-2017, professional-development-2016, professional-development-2015, professional-development-2014, professional-development, and my book list.

As a non-sorted list:

  • As I started in 2017, I am reading more text books, as this seemed to give me more useful data. I find text books have a better level of detail than many blogs, even if they are more likely less current.
  • I have been to several PHP meetups this year, mostly to find out what was happening on contacting side. In one, there was a dev hoping to achieve more with a face to face social media app he had made (i.e. the app is designed so that your active friends must touch phones via NCR every few weeks). The UI was clearly needing more work.
  • I went to another PHP meetup, and they have changed their format, to many short presentations. I think this architecture works better for communicating ideas. I gained several ideas for specific PHP things, although may never use them. One of the lecturers likes Maven as a build tool, which I have never evaluated for PHP or JS.
  • I have a had several schedule clashes, so not been to any agile meetups this year. I have stopped going to Devops meetups as I am not trying to recruit a devops co-worker at present.
  • I attended a lecture on inclusive design. I don't read this topic heavily, so I took loads of notes. There where three lectures, one on desktop gaming. Historically desktop gaming wasn't inclusive, but less able consumers will be a very passionate segment, as unfortunately they have less other options. The speakers note that there are many situations where a consumer is temporarily impaired (e.g. awkward window angle over-lighting the screen, or using the system after someone else is asleep, so wanting subtitles on, and sound off). With respect to what people pay me to make, I should use aria markup (which I do), I should write semantic HTML so non-visual devices can read it clearly (which I do), I should fill-in the meta data attributes, like titles on anchors (which I do), I should use contrasting FG/BG (which I do), I shouldn't use tiny fonts (normally choice of product owner), I should allow people to access the content without flash or similar (much easier today than 10years ago).
  • Another Symfony meetup. Fairly useful lectures on Authentication libraries; secondly managing the SF Container.
  • I got told I should do another lecture by the PHP London organisers. This was initially booked for early Nov, but there was a scheduling conflict. My interim notes are available. Since I was told about this in the start of Aug, I have been attending a few more of these to look at the way lectures are assembled.