One is supposed to look at new technology, tools and approaches. As I now live/work in London, this is much easier. I try to have a wide range of technology, so one gains perspective better.
This resource is for 2017, my other entries are listed in professional-development-2018, professional-development-2016, professional-development-2015, professional-development-2014 and professional-development, and my book list.

As a non-sorted list:

  • Practical on problem solving with Lego inside SCRUM structures.
  • Two PHP meetups
  • A Devops meetup, talks on e2e TLS and the cert management, a talk in Cubernetes, and a third on JVM tools ~ Kafka.
  • A second Devops meetup, spoke with many Sainsbury people; notes on IoT and low power REST frameworks, more on TLS, and a third. We aren't supposed to use certificate CommonNames in certs anymore.
  • A lecture about A Turing. This is relevant to here, as though being a mathematician, Turing was interested in UX and GUI issues (30 years before this was possible).
  • An agile practice meetup. This lecturer confirmed my biases on sampling/estimating for work units.
  • A Symfony meetup, at SkillsNode?.
  • There is a two/three month gap here, as I was organising things for my new flat.
  • A PHP meetup, with lecture on functional programming. I rarely use pure functional, as I think its less useful e.g. I think starting by defining numbers is a waste of time and a failure to communicate. I do use “relaxed functional” quite often.
  • A BDD discussion forum.
  • Another PHP meetup.
  • An Agile meetup.
  • A Symfony Q&A.
  • A PHP meetup.
  • A end of year BDD meetup, @everset suggested better use of slack.
  • I have been putting more time into text books recently, as I was feeling less benefit from the lectures. On my core competences, I think I need to go to “advanced lectures”, a.k.a. “another degree”. I do learn many things, when attending things that are not my core competences; for example devops lectures. Would a book list help here?
  • Many blogs are trying to have a broad market, so the advertising space is more valuable, and with particular emphasis on NodeJS, are quite low detail. This means that books work better.