One is supposed to look at new technology, tools and approaches. As I now live/work in London, this is much easier. I try to have a wide range of technology, so one gains perspective better.
This resource is for 2016, my other entries are listed in professional-development-2018, professional-development-2017, professional-development-2015, professional-development-2014, professional-development, and my book list.

As a non-sorted list:

  • Perl hackday at Hackspace London. Completed the RnD for the second edition of my perl unit-test skelgen. We spoke about Perl6 grammar alterations, Functional programming on top of general purpose programming languages, and Perl parsers.
  • Stuff on webRTC. An in-browser technology that not many people make much use of. This doesn't seem to have much extra to websockets in terms of a TCP client. Mostly used as a side channel to play webRTC media. The lecturer spoke on P2P web-conference architectures.
  • A PHP meetup, mostly hype for PHP conferences. Tiny space.
  • Symfony meetup, lecture on elastic search, then more notes on Sylius.
  • A lecture on managing activity buffers (and WIP) used in kanban based workflows. Targeting scrummaster/ PM.
  • A BDD lecture on how other companies have failed to use BDD correctly.
  • A lecture on Agile planning (they invented a new set of words, but where focussed on incremental updates to businesses). Took quite a few notes.
  • An interesting talk on improving PHP resilience (by architecture, not by better unit tests), then another data searching tool.
  • Lecture on testing stuff, another test framework. Had an interesting chat at the end on actual process “as it was actually done”.
  • A lecture on Docker tool chain, by one of the people building I still don't see why all the hype on this VM.
  • The second Perl hackday. I wrote more code, and didn't engage much.
  • Lecture on process by an older OO guy who was keen on requirements analysis. Juval Lowys claims to have nearly created code generation tools from diagrams several times (as if this is possible, the dev cost fall). If you think about his objectives, most of what he asked for is called Wordpress. Secondly his scope statement on not being a “programmer” is met, in that there aren't any; we are all developers, or software engineers. Being a “programmer” is worth about 16K / Y and is a dull job; it never has been my aspiration to be a programmer, but more architecture/platform design focussed. Being a programmer is not a pathway to being a more 'big picture' person.
  • Second lecture on Kanban, this time less emphasis on WIP. Did have useful notes, as the speaker has done quite a few contract roles.
  • Lecture on PHP7, looks like they have improved it. We may now have [non-object] types & return types.
  • Lecture on Docker (part2). Had enough time to get to the networking before the lecture, which is more useful.
  • (project management) Allan Kelly gave a talk on value management. He is correct.
  • Lecture on Scrum team management; practical on maze traversing.
  • Lectures on agile testing stuff, by staff from Guardian, Moo and M&S. More high level talks. I'm not sure I agree with the business structure on one of these. There seems confusion between 'contractor' and 'agency'.
  • My work is now in a techstar accelerator
  • Second SCRUM practical event.
  • I think I have missed several items from this list at the end of the year.