One is supposed to look at new technology, tools and approaches. As I now live/work in London, this is much easier. I try to have a wide range of technology, so one gains perspective better.
This resource is for 2015, other lists are professional-development-2018, professional-development-2017, professional-development-2016, professional-development-2014,and professional-development, and my book list.

As a non-sorted list:

  • PHP 5min lectures ~ Jan
  • “further rabbit” (my title) ~ on people who started using RabbitMQ after they went to the last lecture on RabbitMQ.
  • Agile Testing: Selenuim
  • Hands-on introduction to mobile accessibility ~ Feb, IOS speech synthesis. Useful discussion what web focussed stuff is useful to people with poor vision.
  • “Speeding up your tests (without parallelisation)" ~ Behat
  • I booked to go to “Software Defined Infrastructure for DevOps”
  • London contractors (mostly Java tech) are looking at TDD.
  • Agile Testers meetup. Lecture was about specflow, an MSFT BDD tool. This is the same algorithm/pattern as Behat/phpspec and Cucumber. The tester giving the talk wasn't strong enough on code or SQL.
  • Another PHP meetup, talk given by the CTO of Mr & Mrs Smith hotel brokers, mostly on the stack and architecture.
  • View from the “back of the boat” ~ Agile evolved. Micheal Short, Radtac ~ BCS. Ensuring there was common vision, so common development towards large scale company objectives.
  • A talk on refactoring to success, (via a thing called ez that extends SF2) in Google Londons offices.
  • Three more agile tester meetings. No “new technology”, but discussion on test process and practice.
  • A literary festival, which was interesting and very off my domain.
  • Discussion on a networked service software and micro-services, in a JVM.
  • A talk on several fastCGI libraries ~ a large part of the duration to build a webpage is parsing the source code. Interesting as the speaker had done a native build of fastCGI.
  • A talk titled “Agility and architecture”, how these two concepts/structures interact. Held at the BBC.
  • Several Symfony meetups. Most recent being on how to sneak Symfony into an older/simpler framework.
  • A meeting on SCRUM at skillsmatter, useful discussion afterwards on managing user stories.
  • A local small business event, organised by an accounts firm. Was recommended to go as a networking thing.
  • Another BDD lecture, the presenter was focussed on the motivation of users, and that we should start to write BDD tests based on that. Referencing intrinsic rewards, rather than extrinsic ones.
  • I presented a talk on “Test Strategies && Process” to PHPhants, on the 11th Feb 2015. The notes are available. This is important, historically I have a bad stutter. Recently, I have spend more time concentrating on communication than technology or build process. I think I need to improve my cadence and control vocal rate. The organiser put the video up, this is an hour long.
  • I think I should do a more technical version of this, at some point. Half my audience was marketing and SEO people, so my hunch about targeting is correct.