One is supposed to look at new technology, tools and approaches. As I now live/work in London, this is much easier. I am assembling this list at the end of the year, I will probably need to revise a few times; as I don't keep old diary entries.
This is for 2014, other lists are professional-development-2018, professional-development-2017, professional-development-2016, professional-development-2015, professional-development, and my book list.

As a non-sorted list:

  • YAPC (Nov, 2014 ) ~ yapc
  • BCS lecture on Hadoop
  • UXPA (Oct 2014) ~ low grade notes
  • mini-conference on NoSQL, hosted by Talend
  • Lecture comparing NoSQL vendors, sponsored by Couchbase
  • Lecture on RabbitMQ
  • Lecture on DDD in Symfony2
  • Lecture on BDD approach
  • 2x Lecture on Behat
  • Lecture on phpspec/BDD in Syllius
  • Lecture on comparing Anisble, Puppet and Chef, hosted by DigitasLBi
  • Lecture on web testing and webdriver
  • Lecture on Symfony2 and Heka
  • Lecture on Selenium
  • Several of the “London Software Craftmanship” events, which are non-hierarchical discussions.

You can see my twitter account is littered with people I meet at these meetups.
I may present an item for my test framework punit when the project is complete, at the next YAPC.