This site should be treated as a blog. It is for information publication, with regular updates.
This document is subject to revision, and this resource is the effective and authoritive version. Under the current design (Feb, 2013); there is no personal information requested from you the reader. As such this document is empty.

There is a session cookie written, to track secondary resources (e.g. CSS and JS) to the articles. This is standard technology. The cookie is automatically deleted when you leave the site, and contains no personal data. If you wish to suppress this you can turn off cookie support in your browser.
The localised appearance feature will write a cookie if you ask it to. This only records your appearance preferences.

At the point of writing there is no reference to third parties in any fashion, with respect to webbugs, click throughs/ interstitials, banner ads, analytics or any similar technology. Assuming you are technical, please view the source to verify.

It is intended for future build to support content uploading, and will have user accounts. This is an access token, and contains no private or personal information. Sessions and usage may be captured, in the same fashion as Google inc do, but to enable the provision of a better service; and this will not be personally identifiable.