Structure and process for piecework, these are common sense.

  1. At the mo, I can't give you fulltime work, so pay me for results only;
  2. I am selling my professional time, rather than managed services or IP;
  3. You say WHAT you need, I say HOW to do it;
  4. When I give you an artifact, I have given it to you; if you decide to rebuilt it with red dots on, this is your choice;
  5. If anything breaks after owner alterations, this is not my failure. I will attempt to assist you, but the artifact was sold and demonstrated as correct;
  6. Rebrands of existing content are normally done by porting the content to a more current system (unless it is extension work by the same developer). For static content, this is a one off process, and should be fixed cost. Rebrands of dynamic content need to be negotiated on a case by case basis, probably involving duplication of access to data sources;
  7. I will only accept work where I am cost effective. I need total control on how things are done;
  8. I do not hold customer data on my systems. We can organise entirely fake, but correct shaped data;
  9. I do not sell domain names, but can organise purchase for you. This is a third party item on any invoices;
  10. I do not sell rack space, but can organise purchase for you. I only do limited server administration to install sites. Hosting is a third party item on any invoices;
  11. I can do graphical work.
  12. I am experienced in SEO, I will structure artifacts for good results;
  13. Performance of sites will need to be negotiated between all parties. I write clean code, but there are a large number of factors involved in shared hosting which will be problematic. This is something to be managed, if you need high traffic sites, please get a dedicated host;