This role started June 2012 and is till Nov 2013. Employed as a developer, I am adding to the companies infrastructure, and building some applications. This company sells digital marketing as a service, and participates in campaigns with artefacts.
There is a gap before I started this role, as I needed to organise moving, and doing maintenance on my flat in Portsmouth. I had previously been focussed on working and projects, so this inventory tidyup took weeks. I was trying to do things properly, rather than just shove everything in a skip; Portsmouth is short on landfill capacity.

This company is confidential about its data and clients, but nots its technology. To support the previous, there are some times of technology it cannot use. It has security audits to enforce quality, and generally passes them. It efficiently pursues business objectives, utilising open source as appropriate. I may discuss what I did. In the period they employed me, they grew in terms of staff by a chunk, and revised processes to reflect this more mature approach.


I am :

  1. Given briefs and carrying them through to completion.
  2. This is an expanding / evolving company, so ideas are adopted. Fresh employees tend to have the highest rate of ideas.
  3. Trying to do some company restructuring to reduce the amount of work that is done “by hand” ~ in the name of consistent and small timescales. When done well, this can be a big cost saving.
  4. Trying to do UX analysis; so users have a user-aware experience, in a locale aware heterogeneous environment.


Although, I was not employed in a management role, and I do not focus on management, I performed these. Certainly I never use the word 'unique' anywhere for this type of list. These are things I was building outside of my actual work:

  • Advocated social media as a presence and sales mechanism. The clients may have existing structures for social media, but it is an obvious expansion for MT. The asset management and scheduled publication are needed for SM, and MT are already doing these.
  • Did advance work for mongoDB, as the CTO favoured investing in it. Please see articles on my site.
  • Due to other projects, was looking at customer usage patterns on the pre-owned market; architected and productised RSS as a distribution channel. This feels like a dynamic version of auto-trader, and is very targeted at “foraging type” viewing. This is a cheap development and could be very client-valuable. From a UX perspective, I would rather “wow” people with convenience, than graphic design ~ I predict that most people buying 2nd hand cars are not driving a mac.
  • I seem to have made all the Perl people use coding formatting standards. They have alot of older code, in some cases written by people not working there. A standard formatting reduces costs.
  • Generated audit on DB access, before one of the security reviews. There was alot of copied code, written for minimal effort.
  • Although not relevant to the company improved my social media profile.

Technical Experience

I have gained commercial experience in the following systems and tools:

  1. Recent experience in Perl, some OO, some procedural (5.x);
  2. Recent experience on Oracle (for v11);
  3. The core site CMS runs inside PHP 5.3/ 5.4 (I wrote some extensions, but it was there when I joined);
  4. Alot of use for another PM software JIRA;
  5. Another CMS, specifically contact with high volume web-services;
  6. This includes a different set of caching technologies to my previous experience;
  7. Memcache;
  8. Did some UX, to increase user focus and improve user experience;
  9. More experience in Python;
  10. More experience in ZF2;
  11. More experience on PHP5;
  12. Experience in MySQL, as linked to Perl, rather than PHP. Newer company platforms use storeproc;
  13. More experience in controlling internationalised systems, and porting data into and out of UTF-8;
  14. Use of the Google mapping API, and the heatmapAPI;
  15. Mapping and routing services, via Bing;
  16. Use of LESS inside the CMS;
  17. Use of Amazon EC services. The business is bound by confidentiality for its data, so must have its 'own servers';
  18. Wrote quite alot of JS, mostly outside of jQuery;
  19. Use of Smarty;
  20. Better grade of process for PHPunit;
  21. Some use of Doctrine;
  22. More mail templating systems. Created a mail service in PHP, as they lacked one;
  23. More use of documentation/wiki systems, as a core asset;
  24. Some use of behat;
  25. I seem to be pushing TDD based Agile harder than most of the employees, and have built another JS tester. I think some of my JS work needed it more than other employee work;
  26. More experience in Perl CPAN libraries ~ something I haven't done that much of before;
  27. Use of Test::More (and related sub libraries)
  28. Another set of XML systems;
  29. More about the car industry;


The older OO models in PHP are weak, especially compared to Java. I was interested in some Perl experience, to broaden my recent language perspective, and write in a more mature OO platform. It is my personal belief that doing work from a different perspective improves your understanding of your earlier experience. Writing solutions in Perl makes me pay attention to how OO code is built, and the analysis should improve things. I wished to work inside Perl to achieve this.
If I could have been using PHP5.4 in 2010, I probably wouldn't have applied for this role.

Here, I was doing more complex levels of JS, as the applications here have higher levels of aspiration (selling, not B2B data capture). The maps are an example of this. As the work I was doing is to reach end-users (function: encourage car purchase); I finally applied some of degree studies in UX. JIRA is a widely used PM platform, and I can say that I have used it.

My time here was demanding, as I was doing a lot of study in the evenings.