Old PHP is a nasty broken scripting language that shouldn't be trusted to run a coffee-machine (a summary, see PHP a fractal of bad design for a longer discussion), let alone important money making things. New PHP is now roughly the same properly designed languages. However your boss, or your bosses boss thought that PHP was good as Wordpress uses it, and you can get a PHP compatible intern very cheap. This situation is quite common.

So script your way out of the following likely problems:

  • GENERIC buy a mac/ or install linux.
  • GENERIC git, always, always, always version control source. The only situation where this is unneeded is where you have a signed/ notorised letter from all your stakeholders saying there will be no further requirements changes; or they will pay you (and team) a years wages & a holiday fund immediately. Technically not a script, but still must useful tool.
  • The last person to touch this feature didn't OO correctly, and didn't make any interfaces. So you can't unit-test, and the feature isn't 'as expected'. This tool is to quickly make interfaces.
  • skelgen and then a tool to do the boilerplate on unit-tests (I didn't write this one, I have no idea why its not mentained )
  • Before you run a unit test, a tool to list everything that ought to be in the use list at the top of the class definition saves time. My biggest use of this is finding my typos in those names.
  • phpdoc, having done all the PHP code, a tool to extract docs means you know what you did in future.
  • Assuming you are writing an API, Swagger API docs are also useful (via swagger-php ).
  • At the start of a project, Wordpress administrators may try to force FTP on you. Whilst this is fundamentally stupid, this script makes it simpler to manage.