Every so often I write a script to measure how long various common things in my current scripting language take. The difference between the versions is quite large. The last php-benchmark is available, but is 2014 version of PHP.

Third party benchmarks

I haven't checked that the site testers download all the resources, i.e. pull a page, then download all the attached JS and CSS. This pipelining is a useful feature of HTTP1.1.

  1. http://www.phpbench.com/
  2. http://www.php-benchmark-script.com/
  3. https://github.com/fotuzlab/appgati
  4. http://www.metamorphosite.com/php-benchmarks-loops-arrays
  5. http://jmeter.apache.org/
    1. this is a good reputation, but its for Java
  6. http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-performance-benchmarks-a-web-server.html
    1. this is for Apache not php, but is useful as a structure
  7. http://acme.com/software/http_load/
    1. again a site tester

My 2017 performance benchmark

This results are for PHP 7.1.3-3 (cli) (built: Jun 22 2013 06:27:20) running on Linux 4.4.0-36-generic.

Test of:Duration (n=100000)deltaRAM
PHP version:7.1.3-3+deb.sury.org~xenial+1 3.1.0Linux meow 4.4.0-36-generic
When/ where:2017-04-23meow
Stats for creating LD1 0.0008s0 MB
Stats for creating LD2 0.1014s0 MB
Stats for creating LD3 0.0022s0 MB
Stats for creating LD4 0.0020s0 B
[0] linear increment (1php byte code)0.0022s0 B
[1] linear increment (1php byte code)0.0017s0 B
[2] linear float addition0.0025s0 B
[3] linear float increment0.0027s0 B
[4] linear float increment (+1)0.0027s0 B
[5] float increment (cast alot)0.0032s0 B
[6] linear float increment(cast)0.0028s0 B
[7] string creation0.0020s0 B
[8] string concat (inc RAM)0.0038s0 B
[9] html entities ~ plain0.0157s0 B
[10] html entities ~ entities0.0212s0 B
[11] func int addition0.0043s0 B
[12] func float addition0.0047s0 B
[13] func string creation0.0036s0 B
[14] func string cat0.5939s0 B
[15] reference string cat0.0075s0 B
[16] reference int increment0.0050s0 B
[17] EVAL linear float increment0.1447s0 B
[18] EVAL linear int increment 0.1450s0 B
[19] EVAL linear float addition0.1552s0 B
[20] EVAL string creation0.1578s0 B
[21] EVAL string concat0.1587s0 B
[22] for loop1.2510s0 B
[23] foreach ($v only) loop0.9106s0 B
[24] while list0.0088s0 B
[25] foreach ($k=>$v) loop1.4072s0 B
[26] simple array_key_exists0.0041s0 B
[27] isset0.0038s0 B
[28] in_array0.0041s0 B
[29] empty0.0027s0 B
[30] simple array_key_exists largeData0.0041s0 B
[31] isset largeData0.0027s0 B
[32] in_array largeData1.3168s0 B
[33] empty largeData0.0028s0 B
[34] largerData2 array_key_exists0.0042s0 B
[35] isset largeData20.0027s0 B
[36] largerData2 in_array30.8244s0 B
[37] empty largeData20.0029s0 B
[38] largerData3 array_key_exists0.0054s0 B
[39] empty largeData30.0036s0 B
[40] largerData3 isset0.0036s0 B
[41] largerData3 in_array1.0048s0 B
[42] largerData4 array_key_exists0.0050s0 B
[43] isset largeData40.0035s0 B
[44] largerData4 empty0.0036s0 B
[45] largerData4 in_array0.6312s0 B
[46] uniqid5.5032s0 B
[47] md50.0358s0 B
[48] sha10.0448s0 B
[49] sha2560.0790s0 B
[50] sha5120.1939s0 B
[51] tiger128,30.0572s0 B
[52] adler320.0201s0 B
[53] crc32b0.0222s0 B
[54] whirlpool0.1592s0 B
[55] haval224,30.1048s0 B
[56] strcmp by == match0.0031s0 B
[57] strcmp by == match 2vars0.0030s0 B
[58] strcmp by == nomatch0.0032s0 B
[59] strcmp by strcmp0.0080s0 B
[60] strcmp by !strcmp0.0081s0 B
[61] strcmp by strcmp 2vars0.0081s0 B
[62] strcmp by strstr0.0111s0 B
[63] strcmp by preg_match 10.0135s0 B
[64] global obj method call0.0049s0 B
[65] local obj method call0.0048s0 B
[66] local obj method call0.0048s0 B
[67] via call_user_func_array0.0214s0 B
[68] if statement0.0018s0 B
[69] switch statement0.0040s0 B
[70] ternary statement0.0031s0 B

PHP benchmark 2017

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PHP benchmark 2017

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