This is a quick hack to guess how much computer resources you need to serve a web project. Fork to update if you want to have other technology profiles. All numbers are computed in your browser and are not sent anywhere (click to 'view source' if interested).
The render speed and RAM needed are average numbers I have found, and may be wrong in your instance. If your project uses alot of resources, or you have measured things, please apply your local values to the inputs. The RAM used is 'per webpage', and should include resources for ORMs etc. This tool displays average resource usage and burst usage; as a business is likely to make the most revenue during the burst periods. As this is a simple tool this skips the are trade-offs between faster/ pricier machines, and more machines. It assumes that there is little difference between 2 processes with a RAM limit of 2GB each, and 1 process with a limit of 4GB. For page rendering type technology this is normally true. For data centric things like DB, it is definately better to use 1 heavier process.

This tool must be worth a million pounds of VP funding, as I missed the last 'e' out. :-)