EN_US traits that I think are borrowed from Nederlandse, i.e. started in Nieuw Amsterdam, as the first instance of New York was called. These just appeared to me when I was studying Nederlandse.

  • Reflexive verbs i.e. “check yourself” are a NL + en_US feature.
  • Apostrophe on words being used as plurals rather than possessives, “mein verzameling van photo's dit is”.
  • 'ask' and 'need' as nouns, not verbs (vragen, nodig)
  • Tendency to drop the 'e' before a 'd'; Dutch spelling doesn't need that e
  • Dutch woorden=words, worden=be; en_US uses “word” to be true/ affirmative/ to be
  • Confusing “reality” and “truth” is a Dutch trait, as they are spelt the same. See “the final reality” in en_US
  • 'Slimme' means clever, but may have persisted in names... “slim jim”
  • In US English and Dutch, traffic is in “files” (that are not paper based)
  • US political speech “stand up [to the man etc]", in Nederlands “opstand” = revolt
  • In dutch “goed” can be used for pretty much anything positive; en_US uses good much more widely than en_UK
  • Clearly “koekjes” became “cookies”.
  • .
  • ....This list may get longer .....

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