In my personal desktop, I send code to multiple git servers; using different authentication processes. On work laptops, I am sometimes doing the same. I always loose time getting this to work correctly.

  • First: security mandate: update to using SSL ident if not already done.
  • Second: replace an SSL v2 certs; as github and other large companies say these are not secure enough anymore.
  • My personal github is currently using elliptic curve SSL. See notes from git vendors on setting up SSL 1 2 3.
  • For public repos, source can be imaged to the local machine with normal URLs e.g.
  • In your bash shell, set

export GIT_SSH_COMMAND=“ssh -i ~/.ssh/github.secret.personal.key -o IdentitiesOnly=yes”

  • Set non-global git names e.g.

git config “owenberesford”

  • Test the SSH setup via

ssh -v

  • Use git-remote to set this format


  • If there is more then one account on the same provider; 4 suggests to use the .ssh/config; and maintain different “hostnames” for each account.


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