MT use a fairly standard work-order based strategy. I have done a few big projects, and a lot of small work-orders.

  • a generic dealer locator ~ implemented the newer locator library. The dialect had to be carefully monitored to ensure we wrote in en_AUS.
  • applied to CJD AU ~ I worked on the engine, this link is a single dealer. Here I implemented a non-descript work-orders, to meet customer requirements.
  • Specific features inside JCT, mostly adjusting the site for current commercial relationships.
  • Some internationalisation and UX ~ the owners are Italian, the site is Japanese. Wrote a set of backend data import features for this client.
  • Implemented commercial vehicle site features mostly applied to sprinter, so the commercial vehicles had same features as user vehicles. Same again for used vans MB.
  • The visitors feature.
  • A templated messaging service, ~ development before sale ~ to allow MB business units to message customers about event inside branding.
  • A technical solution for discovering the nearest source for a requested vehicle.
  • The Perl work was headless and no UI.