I am stronger as a software engineer than a web developer, but am cross-training for more skills in direct web-technologies. These are projects that I built code for at matatiro solutions. As noted elsewhere I wrote and extended many MS libraries, which is why this list is fairly short.


I rewrote the existing application process as a website, so ECBMs customers could apply themselves, rather than emailing the company. The older process was operated by employees, and not very scalable. This required the creation of a tab widget.
This is better documented at the MS website

BLinc referencing

My employer took a contract to write an application to gather data from users, to capture into BLincs internal database. Similar to the above work, this was previously a manual system. To demo the application would require live login details, which I do not have. Used a better grade of jQuery plugins, and a new format time measuring widget.

a vodafone reseller

I do not know the exact relationship between all the parties involved here. The work I undertook was to re-implement an ASP project in PHP5, and extend and improve it. This was an internal rebuild; in terms of branding & front end features, it was to look exactly like the rest of the website. This project had the most sophisticated input cleaning of any work I did for MS. The client supplied large numbers of branding images.


I was responsible for a couple of projects that this client requested. From a web-design perspective, they are all B2B, and not present in the website. Required XML libraries being developed for MS.

as a tomtom adoptor.

A pure XML project, to integrate deliveries into GIS provided by tomtom. No visible front end. Quite reasonable data normalising for this project.