Another epic page to group the resources relating to “martech”/ marketing technology.

  • analytics-2
  • current-gA
  • seo
  • search-failures
  • html5-market ~ NB: last updated 2014
  • browser-market ~ new version of above
  • cors-headers ~ Marketing people are free to say this page is boring, but they have to understand it; or most aggregation schemes don't work.
  • drupal-notes ~ detailed tech centric notes on a CMS, includes some comparison to CMS market.
  • In theory I have a resource on Yii CMS, but I haven't written it yet, as paid work got in the way.
  • There is no page about wordpress on my site, as I need to skirt round several articles per day about how-to-install-wordpress any time I look at linked-in.

Projects relevant to marketing: