Terms for this site:

This site isn't completed yet, I need to revise the wording. My intent should be clear for general use..
If it is ambiguous, this resource lists rights of my artifacts to you the reader. Please see privacy for the other direction. I maintain the right to update this licence (although no big changes are likely to occur). Updates will be published via this resource, and still apply to whatever copies of this material have been created.

Code and libraries.

I am sole author of this site. Everything is original work be me, except where stated.
Everything I have linked or reused remains the ownership of the original owner. That code is under a variant of OSS (depending on which section, please see specific files for terms).

All of the work I have written is released under LGPL. See full terms

Words and images.

Every section of human prose on this site is original text by me except where I'm quoting, which will attributed. The quoted text remains original ownership and terms.
All logos are owned by the organisation that they describe, and where copied from public sources for the purpose of referencing those organisations. For these logos, the owners retain rights, and should be contacted as needed. Any other images are original material by me, and are accessible under creative commons licence (see next sentence).
My text is available under the Creative commons licence, full terms of this are here. I impose one additional caveat, promotional aspects of my texts may not not be used for gaining employment.


I attempt to not to rewrite someone else's work, but to provide a link instead. This is better use of the internet.