I will try to make this resource focused on the work I did; rather than what HySpirit is, which is much more interesting. My dissertation can be available, mail me if you would like to read it. By now my work is old, and demonstrates little useful; as I am a much more experienced developer. By my current backend coding work, this was a limited-feature web interface. I left the source at University, as it was their property.

Tracking the HySpirit project is available. Hyspirit is an interesting piece of technology, with 4value logic to make decisions on datasets. This was done in 2001.

Activities undertaken

  • Technical discussions with project holders;
  • User interface design;
  • Usability focus inside HTML4;
  • Stateful HTTP transactions via Java servlets;
  • Language mapping (logic into English);
  • “clean” minimal functional interface in blue and white;
  • A large number of different technologies in a single project: XML, HTML, Javascript, Perl, Java, Oracle8 SQL and SQLplus, Pool, Pra;
  • XML and databases for data storage;