Current status:

This is a simple site with alot of words. My objective is communication.
When I don't have large projects going on, I am adding more content (and when I do, I am scribbling notes to publish later).

Many of these articles are to show non-visible artifacts. If I am re-engineering your sales platform, I will make many changes. Looking at the front-end skin of another sales platform doesn't say whether I am good at re-engineering, or not. That I can write the article means I know about the subject.

About the site:

You are interested in reading this site as:

  1. Most likely, I have sent you a link.
  2. You looking to solve a problem, and are reading.
  3. You are looking for a software developer.
  4. You are randomly reading about technology.

The site is:

  1. Lots of material removed from my CV, so I can keep that concise.
  2. Project notes for various bits of software I have created.
  3. Assessments of various technology and processes.
  4. Mostly, alot of words.

Resources, roughly reverse chronological order.
I am splitting my topics into article size chunks, so there are lots of “part1” articles at the moment.

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