This article is about GoogleCharts 1, a JS library that builds SVG data inside a browser. There is an image of source code available at 2, marked with official logos. Most casual users would install this via NPM
 `npm i @google-web-components/google-chart` 

(same page). The code is made public under Apache2 licence 3. However there is a terms URL for the google charts API 4. This project achieved production status in 2015; and replaces “Google Image Charts” 5, which was a REST API building PNG files. The second option was marked as deprecated in 2012. The GoogleImageCharts seems to be like the GoogleMap tile API. Also do not confuse with GoogleVis [-ualiser] 6 7 8 9 10 ~ a Rlang project to allow software in R to have graphs.
Google charts supports the following data display formats: useful Histogram 11, Area Chart 12, Candlestick Chart 13, Scatter Chart 14, Stepped Area Chart, Geo Chart 15, Treemap 16, Vega Chart 17 which can be used to build heat maps, Sankey Diagram 18; graphs suited to marketing Column Chart, Bar Chart, Combo Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart, “Donut” Chart, Org Chart, Table, Timeline/ Gantt chart, Gauge, Radar, Waterfall, Word Tree.
Google charts also have a table output 19; but the data entry is quite expensive, and there are many ways that a HTML table can be achieved.

The first docs I read, where very much written as “this is a managed service”, and I couldn't find a public source repo (see top I now have). Someone was annoyed about the lack of convenient source, and made their own repo 20, which seems unnecessary. There is a google sub-site/ feature, which is part brochure, part technical docs 21. A worked example 22 .

The tool seems to be more of a middleware than “just a graph lib”. The same platform includes a protocol for building API 23. The API uses some custom HTTP headers to improve security (same page). Unlike other graphing libraries this includes an on-screen mechanism for reporting errors 24. And I think this is a modal-dialogue widget 25. It includes an integration with gmap 26, although demo that wasn't a graph at all. Example on how to customise the output 27. Notes on how to communicate clearly using google charts 28

I build quite a few graphs for data visualisation purposes at work. That I can get a graph to render on a phone isn't technical news; but I don't do this as I can't see the user journey of “looking at small graphs on phones”. Please note a mobile user is hampered by slower download rate, slower CPU speed, and lower RAM (than development machines); so this isn't a great platform for you. But should you wish to look at a graph on your phone, google charts will support your endeavour, as it is SVG (I can't find any good examples..., mentioned 29).

As would be expected for a graphing library, there are many thing that can be customised. Examples 30 31 32. This list is quite simlar to other languages/ projects.

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