What areas of technology am I reaching towards at the moment? As with most software engineers, I believe in continual professional development.
My stance and my target areas hasn't really changed since I adsorbed enough relevant language to communicate articulately as an undergrad. Some of these are old goals, which we haven't yet achieved.

  • Why is this [system] not useful? To use advertising language, I want to build tomorrow, now. Question aimed at soft systems, scope and perception of the maker, rather than raw hard number crunching. There is lots of information inside that system, how can I access it (in a style that relates to my current thoughts)? How can I diagram it (why is a flipchart more expressive than a PC)? How can we sensibly access SQL style systems without the user needing to know SQL? Google mashups represent a stronger solution than msAccess. The “network is the system” is dated as a catch-phrase, but still true.
  • How can we improve the utility and pervasiveness of the information systems? Remove them from the glowing screen, in the back of an office; and put them in the middle your lives. Make them efficiently talk our language. How can we disassemble the barriers between vendors, and market sectors? To make a profit doesn't require denying that other companies exist, just making a better product. Why is it ever necessary to retype words? Why is semantic extraction limited to the injection of adverts into page content?
    • The file-save-as dialog box is a stupid mistake required as the first Apple Mac didn't have enough RAM to run two applications at once. This is about forty years later, why do we still need that dialog?
    • This is a large scale goal, and will require adjustments to social and legal structures. Privacy laws are necessary, but may not be implemented in the most useful format. I quote google's catchphrase “do no evil”.
  • How-to build useful web2.0 interfaces. I am focussing on custom focus, custom builds, domain specific language. I have previously not been a web-developer, so this may look about ten years later than many other people. HTML5 as a promise and a standard will allow us to build what Xwindows promised a long time ago. What if the polish and enduser centricism of an Apple was available on all platforms? Customisation, and trusted meta services are needed (linking all the EUs different usage without consent is a social problem, not a technical problem).
    • To this end, I am getting experience in building products with newer libraries.
  • Doing enough professional English so I write fast and fluently. One of the important outcomes of this site is reasoned discourse on what I am attempting to do.
  • Have time to get better with acrylics and inks. Not related to my primary profession.