This is the sole political resource on this site. I ~ as an individual ~ don't really pay any attention to your age, your gender, your religion, your marital status, your orientation or many other “social categories”. A large amount of partisan structures have no place in Engineering. I will sell you technique and process on the basis of cost efficiency, but I'm not waving any flags.

I have always wanted a polite honorific that expressed no gender. Example, what is the Popes official gender? Obviously the person is an elderly man. Does it matter? “your grace” is a good example of genderless-ness, but with limited scope. As a consequence of feminism, I don't have much behaviour or language that changes depending on the sex of the listener or subject.

There is a problem in most engineering texts, in that the focus of the text is engineering, and any expressed actors are poorly formed. For “mathematical simplicity”, traditionally they where all twenty something white men. Use cases and persona are a special case and outside of the scope of this document.

In this site, any third-person reference to an individual will be labeled as 'ze' (in place of 'he' or 'she'), the gender plain term. Although quite rare. I think it is better writing to avoid third-person for organisations. First person references need no fixing. As site is focussed on software and engineering process, I am unaware of any second person references.
Verbally, I use Dude or Guy as gender neutral words, which is also common in the US.

A short reference list, as comparison to the above words..