Please see my festival planning article. I spend several thousand per year on music. These are my long weekends.

What would I, a customer like for a festival portal?

Items marked with ET should be achievable without any hard technology, just good management.
Items marked FT are likely to be fragile in the authors opinion

This is a non-ordered list.

  • A means that non-music festivals are catered for e.g. goodwood; but they don't get in my way. ET
  • Festival status/ news/ updates ET.
  • A means to search for bands/ artists, not constrained to any category (i.e. where are Metallica playing this year). FT
  • Basic listings of festivals ET see efestivals for reference
  • Festivals categorised by location ET, FT. This is harder than it looks, festivals move location. In order for this to be useful, the location service must get updated promptly. Secondly this feature must actually work, there is a in-the-wild website that regularly sends me emails as York is “inside 15mi of Portsmouth” (the locations are, on bad traffic days twelve hours drive apart).
  • Festivals categorised by genre ~ be honest on this one. There is no category for “cool music”, as its too subjective. BonJovi? doesn't play at metal festivals, hes a rock artist. Download is not a metal festival, although does sometimes have metal acts.
  • Festivals categorised by size; this option is for event planners and promoters, not punters.
  • Detailed listings on facilities at named festivals (e.g. wheel chair access, wheel chair access to carpark, showers that work for disabled people etc etc). This will require more than looking at the event website, ideally a person that went last year reports. ET
  • Likewise listings on limitations ~ mostly useful to foreign festivals where it may be atypical to the users expectations.
  • Unified travel options. I spend hours trying to find the best travel method. Feature must link coach, tram, train, bus, ferry, hovercraft, flights, taxi FT. Should do google maps [or similar vendor] for bike and car routes. Ideally lists options from a supplied location. For reference look at blissfields travel options.
  • . . . and again for international travel. very FT.
  • It would be nice to be able to link to Uber [or similar vendor], the blissfields site is using goCarShare for one off trips...
  • It would be nice for schedules on best travel buying times (e.g. a full price train can be bought at any time, a cheap coach is best bought a month in advance, cheap coaches are not scheduled in January when I'm doing my planning).
  • Relatively-current currency translation, and the relative cost of things in the local country FT.
  • The ability to have the above content in the users language FT.
  • The ability to set alerts (e.g. tell me when Metallica are reported to play in the UK by email). ET
  • A small light calendar app, to be used at the event. This must list all acts, not just the headliners, and what stage. ET
  • For all likely phones FT
  • With a feature to identify the band from current location and current time if the punter has gotten confused.
  • Some means to report setlist alterations in realtime. very FT, oh so very useful.
  • A very high detail version of googlemaps [or similar vendor], with the ability to drop markers. Used to locate tent in the middle if the night when tired etc. FT

There is little need to implement the ability to buy tickets. See bristolticketshop. Please note I haven't mentioned the ability to post pictures or a chat client; as it is expensive to do these better than established vendors. I listed features that would make me use your site.