Maybe this should be titled data plotters. I need a visualisation tool for databases at work. The main DB is established, and has lots of concurrent use. This resource is an annotated index. The majority of the time is spent looking at software features, so I may as well document for later reference. I made it possible to create pages at little cost, in this platform on purpose.

This is a big list of visualisers, which I won't copy.

The most common tool for the search term “db visualiser” is dbvisualiser. This isn't what I'm after, in that you can only see one table at once. The output is similar to sql-workbench which is what the DBA uses. The CMS team tend towards SQL developer 1, which I find slow to solve problems with. If this tool has diagramming or rasterisation features I haven't found them.

Mondrian This looks like a useful tool, but not relevant. Its complex data visualiser, but doesn't seem relevant to DB schema.

As the business is using storeproc, I will feed this tool plsql-dev back to them, it seems like Eclipse, only for DB. As a comparative tool sqlcat. Sql-cat seems to publish helpful information 2 3

This is described as SQLFairy. It requires to be fed a schema file, and produces a static image. Structures shouldn't change that often, so this isn't a concern.

Update: I was sent this link pulpo, its freemuim service. As its not OSS, please read the terms before committing to anything, but the initial spec spec look quite useful.