I am reading a tech and marketing twitter account to try to hold a broad perspective on my industries. Various blog authors keep posting articles on what they do during there day 1 2 3 4 ~ I mean a timetable, not who they had lunch with. They claim superior performance by following certain trends.
As an analytical rationalist, I dis-value most management books, as the information is poorly structured, IMO. The blog authors hold the same worldview as the MBA books (I have speed read quite a few management books, so I would appear educated in management meetings. The use of language is different to the academic one that is my actual training).

One of the common things that all these people express is early starts are better than working late. After your early twenties this is true, say biologists. The bloggers say that email should be regulated into regular and constrained time periods. Any PM type analysis will agree with that point too. Then they all start to do different things depending on requirements. Most of them say that allocating some time to family or yourself is also important.

My day pattern (since start of Jan 2013):

  • 05:00 get up;
  • get organised, eat simple & long chain carbs;
  • about 5:40 run to the gym ~ this picks my circulation up ~ and is about a mile;
  • about 50m weights, focussing on one or two muscle groups per day, stretch at points, my hamstrings are always short;
  • shower, jog back;
  • about 07:00 eat second meal, more long chain carbs and whey protein;
  • proof read my in-transit articles, publish them ;
    • OR stackoverflow;
    • OR code;
    • OR painting/sewing etc;
  • 08:30 pack & sprint cycle to work ~ this is about 2mi;
  • read emails;
  • 09:00 start paid work;
    • update end-of-change tickets;
    • do work email;
    • organise new tickets;
    • meetings as needed;
    • impl them;
  • 12:00 eat more long chain carbs, read rest of my email, use twitter;
  • back to work again;
  • 16:30 snack if necessary;
  • ...
  • 18:00 ish, ~ depends whats happening, cycle home;
  • 19:00 ish eat more protein and most of my daily veg, a grapefruit, more carbs;
    • Poll social media, trying not to spend too much time;
  • do something, on iceline, or an article, or reading etc;
  • 23:00 eat more long chain carbs;
  • 23:30 ish sleep;

I favour quick meetings to rationalise costs, but exchange information.
Many CEOs claim to be entirely attached to email, they get 500 day. As I network, I frequently get 500 a day. Everything that is to me personally I respond relevantly.