Tools to be able to render raw numeric data are commercially important, but rarely seen as sexy. Here is some background research; to allow better comparison (if the publication dates on these at the top seem very close, yes my current CTO made this a sprint item after I said “we need to shorten dev cycles”)

  • tableau
  • grafana
  • datadog
  • splunk
  • nagios
  • google-charts-notes
  • power-bi
  • I think I ought to write one of these for Excel, and highcharts
  • I went to a small conference 1, run by Addtwo/ guardian newspaper. The first company is an ad agency, seemly founded by tech staff previously at the guardian. I assembled some notes.
  • Recommended reading Nathan Yau's blog
  • There is an international contest for data visualisation, centered on newspapers, called Malofiej, after a famous Argentine designer. This is organised by SND. Secondly they hold a workshop called “Show, Don’t tell!” 2. Newspaper/ “author” culture has very different values on uniqueness/ originality compared to product design/ tech startup/ media events cultures. I casually found 10-20 events called “show, don't tell” in 2minutes; they do not apply differentiation. I assume as a function of covid19 lock-downs there was no event in 2020 or 2021, but the website lists items every preceding year to 2001. SND seems focussed on Spanish cultures first (which maybe why I have never previously heard of it). Malofiej has many categories 3 of award, although that website is badly managed.
  • From that mini-conference, Xeno, overtime I will build articles for each of these names
  • again, raw
  • again, datawrapper
  • again, flourish
  • again, figma
  • I ought to look at AWS data visualisation features

Before I started a big project at work, I pulled this data up as background analytics-2

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