business English features of google analytics

This is a boring fact finding article, that a CTO asked for. I researched this Feb 2018, and normally I would have more content.

  • Collects “page impression” data on every page in your site/app;
  • Obviously grouped by company account (companies may have several accounts for different business units);
  • Can be used to serve adverts (aka why users should delete all gA cookies fairly often);
  • There is a freemium version, and a less-constraints payware version;
  • Details on paid version (called gA 360):
    • Can analyse data via BigQuery (a google BigTable product);
    • Can record more metrics than the freemium;
    • Will record a bigger percentage of data sent (the freemium is lossy, to reduce processing requirements);
    • MOST IMPORTANT has better SLA on data crunching;
    • Remarketing people can use things like market segmentation;
  • Notes on 360-suite
    • Its a dashboard, so has graphs;
    • I expect it works quite well and saves you alot of time;
    • Advertising doesn't list any original or clever features, and is very repetitive;
  • gA client can send home a “data blob”, the notes suggest using this for the following:
    • Can set 15 custom events (NB set not send);
    • Useful for UX “page successfulness” metrics (i.e. if the user stays on the page and reads it);
    • Can send timing data (e.g. to measure how long page load took for that user);
    • Can send exceptions if anything breaks;
    • Can send user actions from social media;
    • For SPA, can manually send the events (as no page loading);
    • May use ecommerce or advanced ecommerce plugins, which both happen to set the same 15 custom attributes (see above);
    • The value of the ecommerce plugins to to simplify calculating the revenue of each page (as you can send product data in the GA send() command);
  • NB the docs are for people who find data structures hard, and so do a lot of hand holding.
  • Many of the early notes on gA360 said not all the components had been released. I think at time of print they all have.

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