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This page is a graphical place holder, I intend to use logins so I may test new / fragile code at the same as normal users may use a stable system.

Requirements to Implement

  • Identify the user (browser technologies are a constraint on anything too radical here);
  • Authenticate the user;
  • Update the state machine/session;

Implementation Notes

  • A traditional username and password is a simple and cheap solution
  • These never work very well
  • As a user experience statement, it is probably not worth the users time to invest in an atypical system
  • To do anything more complex would require a complex sign up process, which will probably be met with suspicion (upload a range of pictures of your pets, for example)
  • If I'm the only person who ever logs in the cheaper option is clearly more rational here
  • I could id via openAuth or related systems

Expected costings

  • ID Create form & front end (stylin again) 2h
  • Form processor 1h
  • OR implement openauth, guess 2wd
  • Quick revision to getResource() (inc test cases) 1h
  • Update the menu code in top of the frame 1h
  • Create user management tools ~ this is a guess, don't know what the requirements are 5h