This role covers Nov 2010 till Feb 2011. Employed as a developer, I added to the companies infrastructure. I rushed into this role as a learning experience.

I was responsible for ::

  1. Import and export of data sets;
  2. Formatting/ translation of these data sets;
  3. Developed solutions for business goals using OOP;


I have gained commercial experience in the following systems and tools:

  1. The business platform runs inside PHP 5.2;
  2. Review of and experience in commercial use of statistics;
  3. Experience in unbiased information sampling, on a professional level;
  4. Experience in statistical aggregation and summary techniques;
  5. Exploration of some textual analysis systems;
  6. Exposure to larger scale OO data “models”;
  7. View of a source distribution system not based on periodic package release;
  8. Experience in Postgres;
  9. Exposure to a more data intense systems, and understanding on large scale database structuring and access, particularly with regard to the customers “data protection act 1998” ;
  10. Use of netbeans for a while.


I thought the company was interesting as it allowed me to look at implementing some of the work that I had done in my first degree. The company mostly sold semantic extraction of raw customer feedback surveys. I was keen to explore a practical application for converting raw numbers into trends. It was my first commercial situation for on data modelling of people. The researchers where “drawing cartoons, only using numbers”; in more formal language, they where structuring personality profiles and will probably starting using big-data soon. They have further non-public technology - which you may find described elsewhere - but seems incorrect to itemise.


Having just left a pure development role, I was hoping for more developmental responsibilities. I didn't have the opportunity to cross departments. I enthused at the interviews on things I wasn't doing. It is my failure to not adapt quickly. I do take the this as a good learning experience, success or fail; on software development process. Experience is widely desired by employers as learning. I write this text, looking at what I did as an undergrad, and what I did for the first few months at my first proper job.