Current status:

This is a simple site with alot of words. My objective is communication.
When I don't have large projects going on, I am adding more content (and when I do, I am scribbling notes to publish later).

Many of these articles are to show non-visible artifacts. If I am re-engineering your sales platform, I will make many changes. Looking at the front-end skin of another sales platform doesn't say whether I am good at re-engineering, or not. That I can write the article means I know about the subject.

About the site:

You are interested in reading this site as:

  1. I have sent you a link.
  2. You are looking for a software developer.
  3. You looking to solve a problem, and are reading.
  4. You are randomly reading about technology.

The site is:

  1. Lots of material removed from my CV, so I can keep that concise.
  2. Articles on technology.
  3. Project notes for various bits of software I have created.
  4. Assessments of various technology and processes.
  5. Mostly, alot of words.

Change list

This list got too big, I moved it to here.

  • Articles
  • Projects
  • I read

Resources, roughly reverse chronological order. Please see publication-process.
I am splitting my topics into article size chunks, so there are lots of “part1” articles at the moment.

Some code artifacts I have published, this list includes out-of-date work, so I included dates here. When I was inside an NDA contract, I did some pro-bono charity work to be able to show technical skills.

Everyone is as good as their sources. Blogs quite often mention each other.

This list will get substantially longer.

  • Contact me if you would like an up-to-date copy of my CV. If you are a recruiter or HR person, please can you read the more targeted one I will provide to match your job description.
  • I have a lot of demos, as this is the best practical way to show skills.
  • A specific resource jQuery-columnise inside the reskin ~ now a jQuery.
  • 2015 a jQuery plugin to extract biblio, for better UX on mobile.
  • Closures being awkward, and I don't see their scope in server code.
  • html5-img RWD scaling image demo for 200px through 1500px.
  • 2013 A specific resource jQuery-columnise inside the reskin ~ now a jQuery.
  • 2013 Second article on columnise.
  • 2015 An article my reading duration library jQuery.
  • Notes for JSON in SF2 REST API.
  • End 2014, perl unit tester framework, also punit-implementation specifically to reduce the cost of having good coverage.
  • Notes on unit-tests, as a programmers edition.
  • 2014, a planned jQuery module, to make paste work reliably across browsers.
  • 2013, I planned to do a jQuery module to make tabbed UI and jQuery based effects work better.
  • a 2015 role lead-engineer.
  • A 2014 role software-engineer.
  • 2014, An article my BufferedEvent aka window resize library.
  • Second article on columnise.
  • 2013, a video Symfony2 demo, direct link here
  • 2014, a RSS Symfony2 demo, direct link here
  • 2013, a doctrine Symfony2 demo ~ this was my first thing inside Symfony, (link not published)
  • 2014, a JSON and SOLID OO Symfony2 demo, no link its a CLI solution.
  • 2014, a Behat and Symfony2 demo direct link here
  • 2014, anther demo was requested rest-sf2-demo, this was hard to DDD.
  • 2013, updated ~ a PHP5 project, there are more detailed plans for future work.
  • 2013, updated ~ The basis of documentation for the libraries that are in use to drive this site. This document will eventually be ten times its current size.
  • 2013, List of projects at the perm role to fund getting to London.
  • 2014, Build a narrow purpose CMS.
  • 2014, A short contract, to rebuild an integration.
  • 2014, Another contract, to build a prototype.
  • 2013, A front end GIS project from a previous employer.
  • 2012, A front end project visitors from a previous employer.
  • 2011, A page on a standout project at a previous employer.
  • 2012, A list of visible projects I wrote as a web applications developer.
  • 2013 ~ a tech demo utilising qUnit. This will probably pick up more features, when I need to show people things. I am integrating this as bigger test platform at my current employer.
  • 2004, Work to assist a friends PhD project called CAIN written in Perl5.
  • 2001, A place holder for my BSc dissertation hyspirit-interaction. This work is obsolete, and mostly Java1.3.
  • 2003, A place holder for my MSc dissertation portinuum. This multi-year project was cancelled by the University after I left.
  • 2010, Notes on learning and experience in a long term role.
  • 2011, Notes on learning and experience in a shorter role.
  • 2012, Notes on learning and experience in a pure web agency role.
  • 2013, Notes on learning and experience in my last permenant role.
  • 2011, Sample mini-site - this is a mini-site I wrote as a skills demo for an employer. This is an open task, but currently low priority.
  • 2010, Pig Latin translator - Sample work in PHP5.
  • A timed test? - I have removed this as it depends on depreciated API.
  • 2011, Some numerical examples in hybrid C/C++.
  • 2006, An AJAX library I wrote, before jQuery was released. Today I would recommend using jQuery, as it has a larger scope, and it has more features. As a study of JS this is interesting; it uses closures, since objects didn't work on all browsers. It a portable example of multi-threaded logging and state machines.
  • 2007, Design notes for TBBS. I am not owner of the page content, so am not hosting this. The URL wasn't maintained and has expired since 2007. I am posting this page to demonstrate my customer focus.
  • 2007, Web hackery v1.1, a page renderer I built for the TBBS website, needs more features completing. Work was edited down to PHP4.2 to match web host.
  • 2002, Discussion and process on work I did for the barn farm.
  • 2001, Notes for an older technology demo site Noonshadow. I am presenting the design notes not the website, which is circa 2000 technology, it does demonstrate strong Javascript.
  • 2001, A frozen and historical graphics project SGFX (This work is too old to be useful, written in Java1.4).
  • 2001, A file volume synchroniser I wrote in Java 1.3 called Sync.
  • 2002, A HTML pre-processor called linx, used to build Noonshadow. Complete features to original specification. Technically obsolete, recent versions of PHP or Ruby are widely installed and easier to operate.
  • There will be more

IT and process

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IT and process

Literate programming: 100,000 words and rising

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