Current status:

This is a simple site with alot of words. My objective is communication.
When I don't have large projects going on, I am adding more content (and when I do, I am scribbling notes to publish later).

Many of these articles are to show non-visible artifacts. If I am re-engineering your sales platform, I will make many changes. Looking at the front-end skin of another sales platform doesn't say whether I am good at re-engineering, or not. That I can write the article means I know about the subject.

About the site:

You are interested in reading this site as:

  1. I have sent you a link.
  2. You are looking for a software developer.
  3. You looking to solve a problem, and are reading.
  4. You are randomly reading about technology.

The site is:

  1. Lots of material removed from my CV, so I can keep that concise.
  2. Articles on technology.
  3. Project notes for various bits of software I have created.
  4. Assessments of various technology and processes.
  5. Mostly, alot of words.

Change list

This list got too big, I moved it to here.

  • Articles
  • Projects
  • I read

Resources, roughly reverse chronological order. Please see publication-process.
I am splitting my topics into article size chunks, so there are lots of “part1” articles at the moment.

Some code artifacts I have published, this list includes out-of-date work, so I included dates here. When I was inside my first NDA contract, I did some pro-bono charity work to be able to show technical skills.

Everyone is as good as their sources. Blogs quite often mention each other.

This list will get substantially longer.

IT and process

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IT and process

Literate programming: 100,000 words and rising

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